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Let's hope we've finally made some progress.

"Let's hope we've finally made some progress."

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Any Episode


Upload Date: March 12, 2017

Description: The game I found

The Sony PlayStation's startup screen plays out as it should, loading a game. Garalina's logo appears with a long droning sound.

We are introduced to Garalina's only game called Petscop; and to our narrator, Paul, who creates a save game block and inputs his name. He made this video to show Petscop to his friend, in hopes that he becomes convinced that it exists, as well as noticing anything Paul might have missed while playing.

When the game begins, we see an odd-looking yellow man standing on a road with gift box-shaped pillars in the white, foggy background. Upbeat music plays as Paul moves his character, who I will refer to as Naul, forward.

Paul comes across a pink sign across from an arch with the words "Gift Plane" embossed onto it. The sign was left by the Gift Plane staff, who sheltered over 100 Pets and fled for unknown reasons. It instructs the player to remove the remaining Pets from their 8 homes in Even Care.

Paul moves Naul towards the right, passing a large, pink building with simplistic 3D hedges and trees. He demonstrates that the game is unfinished because the road abruptly ends at the furthest right of this area where there would be other levels. I call this place EC-0.

He decides to show the "one and only level" Petscop has: Even Care, which is the name of the pink building.

The first area is brightly colored, a framed picture of Toneth and Randice hangs on the wall near the entrance. Paul discovers that he can't open doors, picking up small objects called Pieces as he moves his character past two arrows on a wall. The next room is the Sign Hallway, a room with six windows and two white signs. These signs give the player advice and encouragement on how to choose and care for a Pet.

This next room is Amber's Room, Paul explains how to catch Amber, the first Pet we see. The camera moves into an area with two gates and Amber's "trophy" congratulating her for not leaving her cage once. Paul opens one cage by pulling a nearby lever, causing Amber to jump into the other closed cage. He opens both cages and quickly moves Naul into one cage before it closes, tricking Amber and allowing for her capture. A triumphant jingle plays and a colorful sprite which says "CAUGHT" appears whenever Naul catches a Pet.

Paul heads east into Roneth's Room, which is very long. A strange Pet with a bird's head lives here, Roneth. Paul isn't able to catch Roneth because he moves away when Naul moves too close. Paul pauses the game to read Amber's description in the 'Pets' menu, which explains that Amber is afraid to leave home, and that her weight makes her life harder. goes back to EC-3 and enters the southmost room, Pen's Room, another long room where Pen lives. After collecting more Pieces, Paul tries to catch Pen by moving Naul onto the massive floor piano which spans the entire length of the room.

Each key Naul steps on makes Pen move onto the next key, and the offset between Pen and Naul is indicated by how many 'clones' of Naul can be seen. The offset is determined by a counter on the far-right side of the room, operated via treadmill. Paul sets this counter to 7 which removes the offset between Pen and Naul, allowing for her capture.

Continuing on, Paul enters a Small Room with a table and a framed picture of a hill. There's not much else here except the entrance to Wavey and Randice's Room, obviously home to both Wavey and Randice. This is a large, L-shaped room with a pink dresser, a pink moveable bucket and two patches of grass separated by white picket fencing. Upon first entering the room, Wavey is seen raining on Randice.

Paul explains that when you try to catch Randice, it burrows away into the other grass patch and Naul gets rained on. The trick is to push the pink bucket in a precise location where Randice emerges, preventing Wavey from raining on it. When Paul does this, Randice hits the bucket from underneath the grass, burrowing behind the bucket instead.

Randice gasps a little bit and wilts due to lack of water. Being a cloud, Wavey inadvertently pours itself into the bucket, making a small face appear in the water. Both Wavey and Randice can now be captured at the same time, which Paul promptly does.

Paul has now caught every Pet he knows how to catch. He goes back into Roneth's Room, explaining how he still can't catch Roneth. He reads a note that came with his copy of Petscop. This note mentions how a player from June 1997 "turned the right and became a shadow monster man", a related website on "the sticker" and a cheat code that only works in Roneth's Room.

Paul enters this cheat code while the game is paused. The code is Down Down Down Down Down Right Start. An odd sound effect plays, and the cheerful background music abruptly stops. Paul goes all the way back to the entrance and exits through the door where he came in.

The game appears to freeze completely, but upon closer inspection, there's a strange face hidden in this screen. The game fades from black, revealing Naul standing in front of a small brick building in the middle of a dark, grassy field.

Paul says the note implies that there's something of interest in this area, and that he hasn't been able to find anything so far. As he moves Naul around the field, he is suddenly cut off through video editing, but when he returns, he finds a storm door in the middle of the field. Unfortunately, there's no way for Paul to open the door, and he fears that turning the PlayStation off will make him lose his chance to see what comes afterward.

He asks his friend to let him know if he saw anything that could be helpful for progressing in the game. The video ends here.

Petscop 2

Upload Date: April 01, 2017

Description: (None)

Paul is waiting at the storm door from the last episode. After about twenty seconds, the door opens by itself and an ominous sequence of tones play.

After a jump cut, Paul explains that the door opened by itself, and that he hasn't seen any of the game beyond this point. Sounding excited, he moves Naul down the stairs.

A loading screen appears, showing some furniture in a room. Paul is now in U-1, one of the many areas underneath the Newmaker Plane. This room has a shaking furnace on the right side of the stairway, two framed pictures of a clock, and three more pictures on the rightmost wall.

Paul enters U-2, a long hallway that's similar to EC-2, but longer. He hears the ringing of a phone from the small office nearby, U-3. Paul enters the office and answers the phone. A message box appears saying "Care left the room".

He notices something tacked onto a bulletin board. A piece of paper appears on the screen with three faces printed on it. Beside each face is a letter (or sequence of letters): A, B and NLM. Paul seems very confused as to what this means.

The next room, U-4, is a long, winding room with framed pictures in each corner. The first picture is a green house in the middle of the Newmaker Plane. The second is of a school building, and looking at this picture causes a low horror-type sound effect to play. The third and final picture is of a windmill.

TODO: The rest of this section.

Petscop 3

Upload Date: April 02, 2017

Description: (None)

TODO: This section.

Petscop 4

Upload Date: April 07, 2017

Description: (None)

In this short episode, Naul stands outside the entrance to Quitter's Room, and Paul moves him back up the stairs to NM-2. Paul says that he tried and failed to explain something yesterday, moving Naul over to a black camera in the middle of the field. In short, he explains that the location of this camera directly lines up with where the red Tool is underground (U-10).

Walking Naul north a bit, Paul comes across a concrete foundation where the windmill is supposed to be, believing it to be a placeholder. This foundation slowly moves left and right, and is slightly transparent. Paul thinks that he's missing something important about this area.

In the top-right corner of the screen, a mysterious, hardly-visible player walks in and out of frame, and Paul ends the recording soon after this.

Petscop 5

Upload Date: April 11, 2017

Look here for description.

Back at U-9, Paul tries to interface with the Red Tool, finding out that he is the "Newmaker", that this portion of the game takes place "under the Newmaker Plane", and inquires about Tiara, the smart "Petscop kid".

The tool becomes pink, and its responses are take a longer time to appear, as if they are being read by a different person than that of the Red Tool.

Paul is told by the Pink Tool to




Before any other questions can be asked, the Tool turns red again.

The video produces visual artifacts at 6:29, likely due to the nature of the encoding software being used to compress the video data, though I can't say for sure given the other "convenient" things that happen in this series.

After some time, Paul asks the Red Tool if it remembers being born, and it replies with "I'm not Tiara". I think the Pink Tool is Tiara attempting to communicate using Tool as a medium.

Petscop 6

Upload Date: April 20, 2017

Description: (None)

The video starts out with Paul trying to capture something while looking at the Windmill, taking Tool's previous advice. Some pretty clear video editing occurs with the "2 hrs 39 mins later" title appearing.

There is a loading screen which appears to be a CD silohette on a pink background.

Marvin's Cutscene

The "Shadow Monster Man" walks into the Windmill scene making its blades turn counter-clockwise and causes a low droning noise to play. He turns the camera around, leading into a strange cutscene where he appears to manipulate game values and makes Toneth appear out of a gift box.


The Shadow Monster Man/Marvin turns the camera around, and "1 hr 24 mins later", the windmill disappears with an odd sting sound effect.

Paul comes back up to NM-2 to find the camera, now red and much shorter, with the droning noise still playing. He remarks that he has seen the camera at that height before, on an earlier playthrough.

Paul moves sourth of the camera and comes across the remnants of the previous cutscene with (shadow) Marvin, chuckling in amusement.

Paul captures Toneth, and some VERY faint tones can be heard beneath the drone noise, similar to the ones in Petscop 2. Toneth's description is very disjointed, appears to be written by several different people. There is even a tangent about a dog where the text goes off the screen. Apparently, Toneth was hit by a car, resulting in his broken leg.

The comment about hanging "it" on a wall may be a reference to the picture of Toneth and Randice in EC-1.

Paul then figures out that four more "Pet" slots exist, explaining that he tried to see if there were any more before he entered the Roneth's Room code, but the game didn't indicate that there was. Care A, B and NLM are in this list, as well as an empty slot.

Before resuming the game, Paul explains that the "Book of Baby Names" option in the pause menu has no function, and says that it could be for "naming your Pets" - which is odd, considering the Pets already have names (excluding the blank entry).

The video cuts and the game is unpaused. Paul moves north, back toward the windmill platform and walks around it again. Note: I heard a little "plink" sound before Paul goes "Hm", very faint, like a glass being put down on a hard surface. Paul wanders around a little more, and the scene cuts back to Tool's room.

Paul asks the Red Tool "Where is my house?", the Tool answers "You'll never go home" - Paul then asks "Where is the school?" - "You can't go back in time".

After a cut, Paul walks around U-6 and gives his thoughts on the game so far. He explains that he's not quite convinced that the game is self-aware, and that it's trying very hard to make it seem like it is.

He expresses disappointment at how the game is distant, and how the Red Tool didn't answer his questions properly, but he finds the fact that in-game events "just happen" while walking around interesting.

Paul then says that he created a new save file in order to be "scientific" about his experience with Petscop, noting that he had not encountered any of the oddities present in his first save file, while preforming the same actions in this playthrough.

Petscop 7

Upload Date: April 29, 2017

Description: (None)

Paul pays another visit to the mirrored Quitter's Room, probably trying to make the doll face player on the left go out-of-sync like in Petscop 2. He idles while the game is unpaused, and sounds like he's reading something off a piece of paper. While he's reading, the game starts to play a tune.

The tune being played is a simple rendition of Igor Stravinsky's Septet, specifically the 2nd movement, Passacaglia. Paul puts away his paper and says "something's happening", then moves over to the mirror wall, noticing that the other player isn't there.

He waits near the wall as the song plays. When it stops, the figure just appears in the same horizontal space as Paul's character. You may notice that Paul's character is facing away from the camera, so they are looking in different directions.

Marvin's Cutscene

Paul walks around some more, wondering if that is all that will happen, but he notices something about the "Do you remember being born" note on the eastmost wall: the words "COME HERE" are written above the answer line, using the same hand as the Pink Tool.

Paul seems to understand what has happened and goes over to Tool's Room, where the Pink Tool has already written a message:


Paul whispers something around 2:33, something about Marvin.

He claims that we now know who Marvin is, and it's implied that he knows the connection between Pink Tool and the Quitter's Room doll. Paul asks Pink Tool "Who are you", only to be told:


Paul knows that it's talking about the house, but it did not answer his question.

He then asks "Remember being born?" - a jump cut occurs and the Pink Tool responds:


Paul repeats the last part of Pink Tool's reply, saying it's also not an answer to his question. Pink Tool turns back into Red Tool. Annoyed, Paul appears to stop the recording for a bit.

Recording once again, Paul walks to the Child Library deposit station and tries to select a Pet to deposit, the game responding with:

Child Library accepts people

Paul says that he's an idiot after realizing that Care can be captured and placed into the library. He then skims through Pen's description to see if the dialogs change.

After a jump cut, Paul inputs Mike's face into the Child Library's Face System, only without the eyebrows. In the corresponding room, he looks for anything "out of the ordinary", noting the wall and floor patterns. The "something else" he sees on the floor pattern looks like a two-lane road.

Paul explains that he tried this variant of Mike's face because eyebrows seem to be symbolic of something.

He tries one more room configuration: Care with Mike's eyebrows. Something on the room's table is censored, possibly a Red Tool - Paul wonders why it is in the room at all and figures that it's just a variable that can be in any room.

A plain title card explains that "we've" had to censor something, and that they can't explain why. It also says that a "big present with a sticker on it", something on a wall "in a black house" and something "written on a chalkboard" will also be censored in future videos.

Petscop 8

Upload Date: May 09, 2017


Paul is back at U-5 "Road" and notices there are cars. They don't run over Naul while he's already in the middle of the road.

After a few more cars drive down the road, Marvin comes out of the tunnel and surprises Paul, and he follows him back into U-4. Marvin is noticibly faster than Paul's character. Paul looks at the pictures of the School and House again, each time Marvin circling around him.

Marvin starts butting into a wall, as if something were supposed to be there at some point. Paul remarks that Marvin may be a bit confused, but then he walks up into the air and disappears, really stunning Paul.

Paul tries to find him in the same way he approximated the camera's position earlier, going back up to NM-1, but he is nowhere to be seen.

After a jump cut, Paul seems to be talking to someone on the phone while discussing the wall Marvin tried to go through. Paul asks this person if he remembers anything about it. He talks about his mother, who had something after 2004 which apparently altered this spot in the game. The video ends after Paul thanks the person on the phone.

Petscop 9

Upload Date: May 24, 2017

Description: (None)

We see the Petscop title screen, which then enters "Demo" mode.

A recording of a player starts off at EC-1, near the EC-8 door, making his way to Pen's room. The door that leads outside of Even Care is closed, oddly enough. The music is also different from the first time.

When he reaches Pen's room, he slowly ticks the numerical counter down to 0, stopping a bit at 3. Pen's floor piano is no longer present. Once the counter hits 0, the recording switches back over to Paul.

You may notice that the counter made different sounds - the same sounds the giant daisy in P5/U makes, in fact. If you line up the sound from Petscop 2's Flower Shack scene with the first tick of the counter, you'll see that they are completely synchronized, which is why the long pause at '3' happens.

Paul visits the Flower Shack basement, Care NLM is still glitched up. He exits the shack in order to preform the "turned the right" glitch which turns him into a "Shadow Monster Man".

At NM-2, Shadow-Naul tries to do the glitch on the storm door here, but it doesn't work. He goes to the camera, still red and to the Windmill, which now appears because of the glitch.

When he gets inside, there are some cogs with Pieces stuck between them, as well as a Silver Tool. There's also a face on a sign which looks like Care, but with a lower nose.

A strange-looking piece that looks like the aforementioned face can also be seen, spinning around. Paul uses the Silver Tool, which moves toward the face. Paul gains 50 pieces for doing this, but causes the Windmill to make that low-pitched rumbling noise and the blades spin counter-clockwise.

Paul returns sometime after discarding his 'shadow' form, and sees that the Windmill is gone again, but the rumbling is still there.

Back at the Child Library, Paul inputs the face from the sign inside the Windmill: "You found her."

Inside "her" room, there is a clone of Naul reading a note, but he walks away as Paul's character draws near.

Paul reads the note, which talks about a picture of someone from 1977, standing in front of a windmill with their friend. The windmill and "her" friend "vanished into thin air". The writer(s) wanted to know where the windmill is, and what "you" did to make it disappear.

The note was signed by "Rainer, Newmaker".

If you line up Paul's next character movements from the Naul clone we saw earlier, you'll notice that they take the exact same steps.

Paul enters a strange, dull room with gift-boxes, lots of pieces, a cake and pinwheels on the sides.

A single piece of cake lies outside a window, on a park bench, by a yellow pinwheel. One of the gift-boxes has a sticker on it (yes, it's this one), and the other does not. He opens the one without the sticker first, granting him a green key, which now floats above his head.

Paul opens the stickered box, and a huge, inverted, red tetrahedron comes out. For some reason, this really shocks Paul, as he exclaims "What the fuck?!" This object in it's full size is obscured by a black box, just like "they" said earlier.

I've been trying to come up with a way to see what is written on that sticker, but the camera is too far away and the LOD obscures it, assuming anything is written there at all.

After a jump-cut, Paul notices a "bit of weirdness" with the camera in the level when he goes to the far-right or left. A picnic table can barely be seen, being obscured by the camera angle.

On the far-left side, there is a little opening that he notices, but he has to be off-screen in order to go through it. It turns out that it's a small room with another gift-box, which he opens. The camera zooms right inside of it, and a strange church choir sound is heard.

When it stops, Paul appears back in the Newmaker Plane, the green key still above his head. He moves north and sees a brick structure, just like the one in NM-1, only with a strange symbol block above the doorway.

As he goes inside, the game's transitions turn to white.

Paul is now back in Even Care, or at least the little Transition Room, EC-8. The room has the same background symbol the block just outside does.

Upon leaving through the southern door, Paul is has now come full-circle and is back in EC-1, only with that "mystery door" to EC-8 opened. Strangely, the door leading back to EC-0 is closed now, permanently stifling progress in the "intended" game.

The picture of Toneth and Randice, the signs in EC-2, Amber's Trophy in EC-3 all say the same things, though all the pieces from EC-3 and EC-5 are back.

In Pen's Room, the counter from the beginning of the video is still at 0, and after Paul collects the pieces, he plays around with the counter. He brings it up to 16, and back down to -1. The game appears to crash some time after this.

After another jump cut, Paul goes back to U-6 and enters the Flower Shack Basement. Care NLM is no longer corrupted, the room no longer red.

The light in the room moves a bit forward, revealing a symbol block with EC-5's background symbol on it, confirming the connection.

Paul captures Care NLM and pauses the game to read her description, the right-side message saying "You're in the other place too!", suggesting further connections between Even Care and the Newmaker Plane.

Care NLM is a form of Care which escaped the school's basement. It's suggested that the player had to "lie" in order to catch her, but this may not be a lie forever. The message continues, saying that Paul is the Newmaker, and he can turn Care NLM into Care A, closing "the loop"

Paul heads back to U-13 and deposits Care NLM to the Child Library. The depositing station tells Paul that he can take Care NLM back if he changes his mind within 6 months, and then asks about what month and year it is.

He enters Care's face into the Face System, enters her room, and she can now be seen on her bed, still crying. For some reason, Paul captures her again.

Petscop 10

Upload Date: May 31, 2017

Description: (None)

Paul is back at Even Care again, having figured something out about U-12 "Quitter's Room" and EC-3 "Amber's Room". He flips the levers in EC-3 in a specific way, then tries to exit EC-2 "Sign Hallway", but the door closes on him. The game seems to crash when he tries to go back into EC-3.

Paul tries to access his save files, which are marked with: "PANICSV possible corruption"

He continues his first savegame regardless of this message and reappears in NM-4, probably undoing his progress in catching Care NLM.

However, when he arrives at EC-3 again, the switches are still in the position he set them before the corruption.

Paul goes to U-10 and enters the left Quitter's Room entryway which was blocked some time ago. He manages to enter the obverse Quitter's Room, and sees another block with EC-3's symbol on it, confirming the connection once again.

Tiara appears on the reverse side now, and the "COME HERE" writing from Pink Tool is no longer on the note on the wall. Not to mention, the text is no longer mirrored.

After a jump cut, Paul goes to Tool's Room and asks it what the current month and year is, as well as where the Windmill was.

Tool holding red calendar

A big calendar floats down in front of Red Tool, who appears to be writing in it as Paul asks his questions. When the answer finally comes, another black box censors it out. Bah, humbug.

The save game corruption didn't affect Paul's piece count, nor did it make any pieces re-appear.

Petscop 11

Upload Date: December 25, 2017

Look here for description.

Paul is running around the Newmaker Plane again, talking to someone about the "signs along the way", and how he ignored them. He says something about finding his room - perhaps we saw it in an earlier episode? Maybe "Care with Mike's eyebrows?" Paul says he was shocked about what he saw at first, but it made sense considering where he found the game in the first place.

He explains that something in the game would be tied through him to the person he's talking to.

Paul tries to think when the last time he saw "any of you" - likely his extended family, saying that it had to have been 1999, when he was a small kid, and that this would make sense in the timeline.

Paul explains that he's actually trying to do something by walking around in a specific way. He made a drawing that he wants to scan and send to whoever he's talking to, noting that it is like "scribbles", and that a greater explanation would be needed to fullly comprehend it.

90% sure that what he's doing is going to work, Paul circles clockwise and a grey question entry box appears. He dismisses this box. Moving north, he finds a car tire on a pyramid-shaped pedestal, preforming the same movements he made before, and making another question entry box appear.

He asks the tire "where is house?", and it begins to spin north-west.

Paul moves his character in that direction and finds a road, noting that it wasn't what he was looking for, but it makes sense. A sign further down the road says "This is a frozen house, captured three times, exactly as it was."

Paul moves north again, finally revealing the House's location. Elated, he approaches the front door, which is locked. The green key above his head unlocks it, but he is unable to open the door.

After a jump cut, Paul mutters that there's another joke about how he can't open doors. Another jump cut later, Paul talks about how he has trouble discerning clockwise motion from counter-clockwise, pacing up and down the road.

He uses the "Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey" mnemonic, and faint tones are heard in the background. He notices the front door is now open.

Paul enters the House, and a weird loading screen that looks like a badly-compressed photograph appears.

The House's living room has 17 pieces in it. As Paul collects all of them, he notices that there are "people" appearing and disappearing at regular intervals. These people look similar to the kids in the Child Library's rooms. A Christmas tree and several gifts are in the living room, this "capture" of the House being from Christmas 1997 and 2000. Incidentally, this episode was uploaded on Christmas 2017.

A text box appears with blue text that asks Paul where he's been and why he was gone for such a long time. Shortly after, the blue text asks if "this" is a present, and who it's for.

Paul activates a green calendar near the bathroom door. Judging by each day's location for each month, as well as the game's general time frame, it looks like a 1997 calendar. Certain days are highlighted in green for some reason, and Christmas (Dec 25) is marked with a Christmas tree.

Next to the green calendar, another gray calendar has no marked days except for the Christmas tree on Dec 25 - there are no highlighted days. The year depicted on this calendar is 2000 or 2017, as the weekday distribution is the same.

Paul notices something in June, Fri 13th is marked with some symbols, begins talking about "got that immediately" and "on that topic", and that he's never met "this girl" before, doesn't remember knowing her at any point, never heard about anyone going missing, likely refering to Care. he remembers "you" saying that he and Care are exactly the same age.

In reference to the calendar's highlighted dates, he says that it was during "one of those periods where we weren't visiting very much", suggesting a further connection between him and Care. Paul makes the connection between 5 June and 10 November - when Care went missing, and when she was found.

Paul is confused because one day in each calendar is animated, but the calendars represent different years. The tree on 25 December is an obvious reference to Christmas, also judging by the decor in the house.

After a jump cut, Paul is talking about how there is a "very strong" resemblance between him and Care. Again, this solidifies his relation to Care, if not, his involvement in Care's story arc.

A text box appears: "Can I use the bathroom?". Shortly after, the blue-text voice says "Of course," and the bathroom opens. Paul enters the bathroom. Suddenly, the game plays an odd cutscene where the camera zooms into the living room television twice, and an interrupted, vaguely Christmas-themed jingle plays.

Now in the bathroom, Paul picks up 3 more pieces, and remarks about how the previous cutscene was "an experience". There is a P-7 symbol block over the bathtub. He goes up a small ramp which leads into the bathtub, and the video stream is abruptly cut.

The Petscop title screen is shown, about to go into Demo mode. The loading screen shows an unseen area in the School where the "GiRL" picture appears. I don't really know what that image on the wall is supposed to be.

A Demo cutscene starts at U-5 "Road". It appears to be a simple static image, but then the camera "drops" down, making a dithered crashing noise.

It is now implied that we are in a slow-moving car, or other vehicle. A semi-transparent clock face appears and ticks away as a church bell tolls in the distance.

After a small cut, we are still on the road. Suddenly, the vehicle approaches an unidentified solid structure with what appears to be a doorway in the middle. Our vehicle 'crashes' into it. Please note the affine texture distortion as the camera zooms into the wall. If anyone really cares to know, the church bell tolls 16 times.

Still in Demo mode, we see a recording of Paul and Marvin in front of a park bench. A message appears which instructs Paul to insert a gamepad in P2's slot so he can talk to Marvin.

A bunch of Playstation gamepad symbols appear over Marvin's head, and these are translated into the words "Hello Pall". This is actually a phonetic English "language" which uses every Playstation gamepad input except for Select.

Notice how fast Marvin inputs these words - there is a clear difference between Paul and Marvin's levels of fluency with this system, as Paul mistakenly inputs "Hell" instead of "Hello". Marvin also has the freakish ability to move his in-game character and use the gamepad language at the same time. He is either very talented, or there's something else going on...

After Marvin laughs at Paul's attempt to say hello, they both walk into the School.

A much clearer loading screen appears, which looks like a higher-definition version of Marvin's face, along with a small, purple-striped tetrahedron next to him.

In the School, the game's mechanics dramatically change. Paul wanders around the School using the world's worst raytracing engine - similar to Doom/Wolf3D - only with some severe z-plane clipping and occlusion issues. For some reason, the Green Tool is present.

If you pay close attention to how many pieces Paul has here, he starts out with 394 - many more than the 368 he had in the Frozen House's bathroom. This demo appears to be from a much later session, even later than Petscop 14.

Paul collects more pieces and a jump cut occurs.

Paul uses the Green Tool, which slightly de-hazes the thick, red fog in this level for as long as it's active. He comes across a single locker with a combination padlock on it, and tries to break into it. I wrote down this exact combination here. The red fog silently comes back after he inputs the combination.

After another jump cut, Paul is seen entering the Frozen House's bathroom again, in the same way he did before. The same Christmas-like cutscene plays as before, only the camera zooms out of the television set instead of in. Entering the bathroom, Paul remarks how "that was an experience".

This is the exact same scene we watched before it was cut off. Paul experiences deja-vu, saying that he saw one of the symbol blocks above the bathtub, though it doesn't appear now.

Paul walks outside of the bathroom, and the Frozen House looks a bit different now. Only the green calendar is on the wall, the Christmas decorations are gone, a moveable bucket is lying around, and there doesn't seem to be anyone home.

A note on the living room wall says:

My husband may
come here after 6:00
pm . Please stay
overnight if you can .

Thank you so so so
much. (o)

The green calendar now says that it's 5 June, suggesting that some form of time-travel has occured.

Paul wonders if he can figure out the in-game time, and then notices a strange contraption near a door which is being congested by Pieces.

Paul enters this door and finds himself in Care's Room. There is a wall-mounted A/C unit above the bed that Care A is sitting on, shivering and letting out a high-pitched noise every so often. A wall clock on the left side of the room reads approximately 6:10 PM or 18:10 in 24-hour format.

Paul tries to get near Care, but an untextured wireframe block prevents him from interacting with her. He wonders how he will be able to catch her.

After another jump cut (which takes about 2 minutes according to the clock), he decides to leave the room and go outside in order to find an alternate solution.

Paul notices that he's "free" to explore the house's exterior, and immediately checks out a window that lines up with the A/C unit in Care's room indoors.

He moves along the back of the house, hoping to find some way to get in through this window. Going back inside (and pushing the bucket a bit), he looks in the small closet in Care's room, saying that he might have missed something.

Some tones play, and the closet door closes, trapping him inside. Paul laughs a bit, saying a "fun thing" just happened, and reiterating that he cannot interact with any in-game doors.

Paul silently waits for something will happen.

Suddenly, a loud bang and white flash happens, Marvin crashes through the A/C unit, captures Care and runs out of the room. The A/C unit spazzes for a bit, almost like it's going to explode. A strange alarm sound plays, and the text "Care left the room" appears on-screen, just like in the Office during Petscop 2.

Soon afterward, a shorter version of the tones from earlier play, the closet door is opened, and Care is put back onto the bed as if nothing happened.

Paul still can't capture Care, so he goes back into the living room. Marvin is seen walking around, and enters a door that is inaccessable to Paul, probably the garage. Paul checks the bathroom, to no avail.

He goes back outside and notices a "cute little ladder" near the right-side window, and promptly uses it.

The same jumpscare sequence from before happens again, only Naul is on the bed this time. He captures Care A and jumps off the bed, the only time so far where Paul's character jumps at all.

Paul pauses the game in order to read Care A's description, the pause menu message reading "I'll come out in a minute. Keep playing".

Care A's description starts off with a story about an "emergency", saying that Care A should not have been found. The writer's brother is somehow involved, and so is a "Michael A". The writer goes on to explain that he's back, has a present and that he started "it" in 1996, for Marvin.

The writer poses a challenge to the player, presumably, to capture Care NLM and Care B, noting that she's in the School. "Fuck you all, and fuck me as well. Merry Christmas. Check your bathroom now."

The message is revealed to have been written by Rainer, the same person in the prior messages in Care's room in the Child Library, and "her" room.

Paul recounts that he once met Rainer at a birthday party around 1999, when he was a small kid. He says that the older kids would play video games in the basement and hide from everyone, and that Rainer was there, too. Rainer is older than the rest of the "kids" mentioned by Paul.

Before any more context is given regarding Rainer, the buzzing alarm plays again, the same "Care left the room" message appears. Paul goes to check the bathroom one last time, per Rainer's request.

There still isn't anything in the bathroom, and the video feed cuts out again.

Back in the Doom-scop School demo, Paul is walking around the school, having collected all the level's Pieces. He enters a door, and another loading screen that depicts a sort of hellish contraption: the Needles Piano.

Paul is now with Marvin again, inside of a classroom with a chalkboard. Marvin instructs Paul through gamepad language to "Play Music For Baby - She Will Become Melody", and makes a small, purple-striped tetrahedron appear on the floor, which Paul picks up. He thanks Marvin.

Paul plays a weird song on this "Needles Piano" as the tetrahedron spins in front of Naul, blinking as each note is played.

Marvin compliments Paul's playing abilities a couple of times, but then Paul makes a few mistakes.

Marvin says "She tripped and fell and is lost", as Paul hits some pretty sour notes on the Needles. Shortly after, Marvin instructs Paul to "stop". Paul says "Sorry". Marvin says "Tiara plays bad music too - do it right next time". Paul says "Sad". Marvin reassures Paul: "OK". The video abruptly ends here.

Petscop 12

Upload Date: January 04, 2018

Look here for description.

There is no spoken dialogue in this episode, and the entire video is in "Demo" mode. No pieces are collected by Paul, as he is not present.

For your information, the mysterious player collects 101 pieces.

The video starts out with a player moving very erratically around the reverse Quitter's Room.

After that, a smash-cut into (probably) another player begins as he enters the same room. As this Naul approaches the mirror wall, a new figure appears on the other side who seems to have a tetrahedral ruby for a head.

This player goes outside of the Quitter's Room, but the ruby-headed guy runs into him due to the Quitter's Room mechanics. He disappeared after being touched by the Naul character.

This random player wanders around the T-junction area for a bit, but is soon contacted by someone through a text box. We now learn that this player is Belle, and this entity congratulates her for her newfound freedom.

Belle is the Petscop master

After another smash-cut, we find out that Belle has been playing Petscop uninteruppted for 553,758,221 seconds (or 153,822 hours).

Using some basic math, this means she's been here for 17 Years, 6 Months, 17 Days, 5 hours, 43 minutes and 41 seconds.

This entity asks if she is sitting on a chair, if she can look around the room, and if a room still exists. It makes a comment about the Child Library, saying it didn't add Belle's traits to the face system - no eyes, eyebrows or nose for Belle.

Belle continues up to NM-1, where Marvin is stuck in a recorded sequence where he's talking to Paul from the last episode. The movements match up perfectly with his "gamepad language" conversation. The entity reminds Belle to not get lost.

Soon after that, Belle gets greeted by the entity with a "Happy Birthday". It relays another message beginning with "I", but a smash-cut occurs before it could be read.

The entity clarifies that it's calling her Belle because Tiara is gone. It says that it created an unused space in the menu for Belle.

Belle was put inside "the machine", and the entity played the second movement of Stravinsky's Septet on the Needles Piano, the same song that was played in Petscop 7 by the doll figure. This may mean that figure is Tiara, or at least a part of her.

The entity continues to explain that if Belle hadn't given up halfway, she would be Tiara - but this is not the case - and now she's "gone".

The video ends here, with Belle standing in the middle of NM-1, pausing the game.

There is no escape!

Notice how there is no "Quit" option in the pause menu?

Petscop 13

Upload Date: March 11, 2018

Look here for description.

Back with Paul again still in Demo mode for some reason.

He wanders around the June 5 '97 Frozen House, fiddling with the bucket in the living room area. He pushes the bucket through the front door, and another discovery is made: movable buckets persist through level changes.

Naul pushing the bucket toward Teal Tool

Happy that he's made some progress, Paul moves the bucket onto the road in front of the house. He walks to the left and a new Teal Tool appears, moving with him. Paul moves the bucket in the direction he went before, but the Tool still moves away. He comes across an overhead sign, similar to the one found outside of Even Care, and a Roneth's Room symbol block.

When he approaches the sign, the Teal Tool moves upward, similar to how Roneth avoids being caught. Paul moves the bucket directly underneath the Teal Tool, and moves away from it. The Teal Tool falls into the bucket, which is revealed to contain oil, coating the Tool in black.

Paul then moves the bucket back into the Frozen House, pushing it into the contraption near Care A's room. An odd sound effect plays, the blackened Teal Tool comes out and removes 15 pieces from it.

The contraption appears to be a medium-sized speaker with a small satelite dish next to it, I can't tell what it really is because the partially-transparent door obscures it. Another jump cut occurs.

Paul is now on another file, and begins to explain that the Frozen House and Randice and Wavey's room have a similar layout, and that symbol block in the Frozen House's bathroom matches EC-7's background.

Notice how there is no music at all, even though this is a new save file. Using the same logic as before, he takes the empty pink bucket and moves it into Roneth's Room, EC-4. Paul immediately notices what he needs to do, but expresses doubt because the bucket is "small".

Naul about to capture Roneth

Despite his doubt, he is able to get Roneth into the bucket and capture him, putting an end to a long-time curiosity. It should be noted that Roneth's 'cry' sounds like a mixture of Wavey and Toneth's, more "watery" chirping than Toneth.

Reading his description, Paul finds out that Roneth is Toneth's baby half- brother. The text explains that Roneth gets to learn from all of Toneth's mistakes, and this is why he looks both ways, implying that Toneth was hit by a car.

Some odd things the text specifies is that he does not get into trouble, doesn't need to be watched, and that he's "good".

After a jump-cut, Paul finishes up catching the other Pets, purportedly in the same way as in Petscop 1. I don't know if that bucket in EC-7 respawns, but it's implied that he caught them, too. Paul catches Amber, and is then greeted by an in-game message.

This message congratulates Paul for catching every Pet in Even Care, excluding Toneth. It continues to say that he has seen everything in the game so far, and more will come.

The message continues: "It's a growing organism." Very ominous because you're not sure if it's a figure of speech. The game then hints at the controller inputs being "useful", but Paul's feedback being more so.

Some strange knocking sounds are heard - as far as I know, it's not a Morse Code SOS. Paul can faintly be heard asking "Whass'at?" or "...sound?" at some point. Noises of shuffling around are also heard.

The game's final message to Paul

The game instructs Paul to leave the Playstation on when he leaves, and that he can stand up, as if he couldn't before?

Much silence and idling later, a weird croaking sound and a thud happens, and the video stream is cut.


  • Pieces Collected: 15 (Timeline A), 45 (Timeline A, new save), 0 (Timeline B)
  • Total Pieces: 383 (Timeline A), 425 (Timeline B)
  • Pets collected: 5 (In new save file), 0 (Original save)
  • Total Pets: 7 (Original save)

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Petscop 14

Upload Date: July 17, 2018

TODO: This section.

Petscop 15

Upload Date: July 18, 2018

TODO: Fill this in.

Petscop 16

Upload Date: October 31, 2018

Description: (None)

Paul is idling inside NM-5d, and a red car is now present in the garage.
The game appears to have softlocked with a blank message box onscreen while the binaural sound from the end of Petscop 14 plays.

Frozen House's Garage with a red car, image enhanced

After about twenty seconds, the ambient sound stops. Some text fades in with a rather dire message to the player:

No controller input has been detected 
for a very long time.

Family, neighbors, police, (or whoever,)
call provided phone number.

The game begins to flash an red-orange color and blare an alarm sound, likely trying to draw attention to the screen from which Petscop is being played. A phone number is printed over a red background, but is censored. The area code can be seen briefly, but I will not reproduce it on this website in case the number is real.

After thirty more seconds, a Burn-in Monitor slides in from the right side of the screen. It appears to show a simple bedroom layout, the "ghost room" / "testing room". The small, red 'blip' on the bed fades in and out, making an odd repetitive ticking noise, similar to a geiger counter.

Both the alarm and monitor routines continue to loop, then the video is cut off. When it returns, the Burn-in Monitor shows the blip moving around the room, stopping in a chair between the monitor and bed. The video cuts off again, and that's the end of this short episode.

Petscop 17

Upload Date: April 21, 2019

Description Some select "Petscop" recordings.

In a way, recordings have the power to raise the dead.

They're kind of scary. We finished our long Easter egg hunt.

This video starts out in the garage again, much like the last video.

After a bit of time, someone pauses the game and enters the Options menu, which hasn't been seen up to this point. They enter the Sound Test submenu, which contains every sound effect and music track that has been heard in the game so far.

The Sound Test shows a disembodied hand holding a white ball, much like what Pen does. in The player moves past all the sound test entries, which are expressed in hexadecimal format, up to 84 (Care says "Uh-oh") and 85 (Care says "Bye-bye"), and begins playing these sound clips repeatedly. This is the first time we hear a coherent voice that isn't Paul.

For the next minute, the player mashes away on 85 (Care says "Bye-bye"). At the end of this button-mashing session, they press 84 again, which causes the ball to turn red. A sound effect plays while the screen fades to red. What the player likely did was execute a well-hidden cheat code, and they pressed that sound test entry 360 times. (Yes, I counted!)

A new menu appears on screen with three options: "All Recordings", "Room Impulse" and "Extra Stuff". The player enters the "Room Impulse" submenu, which brings up a list of all the rooms throughout Petscop. They choose the "house" level, and set a "Gen." variable to 10. Looking closely after they hit "Play", the pause menu shows the text: "The ghost room is a ship in a bottle".

The House's "strange situation" variant loads up, but now there's several ruby-head players walking around at the same time. The gauge from the Burn-in Monitor in the bottom-left corner can be turned just like the combination lock in the School. This seems to affect what "cluster" of players are visible. The person playing the game can focus on a specific player using the gauge, but this removes their custom head, reverting to the default Naul.

The player messes about with this confusing mode for a while, finally settling on the one they started on (I'll call it 270°), heading out the door for the Newmaker Plane.

Outside, the players start moving backwards for some reason. A long text box appears on the left side of the screen, telling the player that they're free. The player starts moving backwards down the road, past where it abruptly stops (like the road in the Gift Plane).

TODO: The rest of this section.

Petscop 18

Upload Date: April 21, 2019

Description Some select "Petscop" recordings.

In a way, recordings have the power to raise the dead.

They're kind of scary. We finished our long Easter egg hunt.

Back in the hidden menu, the player hits the "Extra Stuff" option. Several pages of sprite sheets are navigated, showing off early designs of the player character and some Pets, during various stages of development.

A few interesting things are seen here: The default player's internal name is revealed to be "guardian", a never-before-seen character named Hudson is shown, and there is even a large map of the Gift Plane.

One entry is called "09 the_house", a very simple 3D model of a house. The Shepherd tones in the background fade out to total silence, and the house seems to slowly inch closer. Listening very closely to the audio, one can hear a voice saying "-erry-" before being cut off. The video ends shortly after the house moves even closer.

Petscop 19

Upload Date: April 21, 2019

Description Some select "Petscop" recordings.

In a way, recordings have the power to raise the dead.

They're kind of scary. We finished our long Easter egg hunt.

TODO: This section.

Petscop 20

Upload Date: April 21, 2019

Description Some select "Petscop" recordings.

In a way, recordings have the power to raise the dead.

They're kind of scary. We finished our long Easter egg hunt.

TODO: This section.

Petscop 21

Upload Date: April 21, 2019

Description The Sign

This Gen. 8 demo is called "care-dancing-sign". It shows a player moving rhythmically through the Sign Hallway, and that's all that happens in this episode.

It has been confirmed that this video is meant to be played to "The Sign" (, a 1993 dance pop song by Ace of Base, which is hinted at in the video's description.