All Text Boxes

This page is a reference for all the text dialogue boxes in the Petscop series, not including Pet or Casket descriptions.

Petscop 1

Gift Plane Entrance Sign

The Gift Plane has closed
indefinitely, and all personnel
have left.

If you are unaware, The Gift
Plane provided homes to over a
hundred young Pets.

Unfortunately, we have failed to
remove all of the Pets from their

48 Pets remain here, at the time
of writing.

We would strongly encourage you
to visit our 8 homes and find
some friends to take with you.

Every Pet is uniquely valuable.
You should have no problem
finding somebody that you love.

- The Gift Plane staff

Picture of Toneth and Randice

It's a picture of two friends,
Toneth and Randice.

Are they not cute? Give them a

Locked Door

This door is locked.

Or not, but you don't know how
to open doors.

First Sign

When you're choosing a pet, find
somebody that you like.

You don't have to love them
right away.

Second Sign

Don't be discouraged if they run
from you! They really do want a

They're afraid. Show them that
there's nothing to be afraid of.

Amber's Trophy

It's a trophy, "awarded to our
Amber for being a real champ
yesterday and today."

"She hasn't left her cage once!"

Petscop 2

Office Phone

"Care left the room."

Petscop 3

Mike is Dead

Mike is not inside right now. He is

You may visit his room.

Care is Missing

Care is missing.

You may visit her room.

Care's Room: Wall Message

Your wife says, "Care isn't
growing eyebrows.

You say, "That's a puzzle."

You're secretly very excited to
hear this news.

You're in the bathtub thinking
about her.

I have a guess at which child
you'll pick next.

When you find her room, the
passage to my right will lead to

She'll appear from the darkness,
limping, and I'll shoot her in the

Tiara says young people can be
psychologically damaged "beyond rebirthing".

A young person walks into your
school building.

They walk in with you. You're
holding their hands.

They come out crying into their
hands, because nobody will love
them, not ever again.

"Nobody loves me!"

They wander the Newmaker

Petscop 9

Finding "Her"

You found her.

You may visit her room.

"Her" Room: Rainer's Message

You must have guessed, but I
was looking through your tings.

I found that picture of you from
1977, standing in front of an
old windmill with your friend.

You went there, and it was a bad
idea. Your friend and the windmill
both disappeared into thin air.

Her sister was holding the
camera. She took another
picture minutes later: just you,
no windmill, and no friend.

You married her sister, and
years later, your friend was
reborn as your daughter.

Your wife won't admit this is
true, but I know it, because I
found the evidence.

Your friend never returned with
you, and the windmill was gone. I
went to see it myself. Where is
it? What did you do?

- Rainer, Newmaker

Depositing Care NLM

You've decided to leave Care

If you change your mind within 6
months, you can take Care NLM

What month is it, anyway? What
year is it?

Petscop 11

Frozen House Sign

This is a frozen house, captured
three times, exactly as it was.

Frozen House Door Unlocked

The key still works.

It still works.

... Though you've unlocked the
door, you can't open it.

Frozen House Dialogue

"Where have you been? Why were
you gone for such a long time?"

"Is this a present? Who is it

Can I use the bathroom?

"Of course."

Petscop 12

Rainer(?) talking to Belle

Hi Belle.

You're free!

I left these messages for you to
look at, in case you were ever

So, while you walk around, looking
for something to do, I'll come up

When the messages run out, I'll
be out of your hair forever and

You've apparently been running
Petscop nonstop for
553758221 seconds, or
153822 hours.

That looks dubious to me. What
do you think?

Are you still sitting on a chair?

Can you still look around the
room? Is there still a room?

This is the Child Library.

You're not family, so I didn't
add your traits to the face

That means I didn't add your
eyes, or your eyebrows, or your

Don't get lost.

Happy birthday Belle!


I'm calling you Belle because
that's who you are.

You might be confused as to what

I was overeager before, and
started calling you Tiara

I created a space in the menu
for you, still unused now.

Then I put you inside the
machine, and played the second
movement of Stravinsky's Septet
on the Needles.

I played it wrong, but that would
have been okay.

If you hadn't given up halfway,
you would be Tiara. This is not
what happened, and now I'm

Petscop 13

Congratulations Message

Congratulations ... you caught
every pet in Even Care (aside
from Toneth, who isn't here yet).

You have seen everything in the game, so far, but there will obviously be more.

It's a growing organism.

Your controller inputs will be useful, but your feedback will be even more useful.

Please leave the Playstation on
when you leave. You can stand up

Petscop 14

Door Riddle

This windmill vanished off the
face of the earth.

Here's a similar puzzle. For you,

There are two pictures of a

In the first picture, the door is

In the second picture, taken
later, the door is open.

Nobody opened the door.

The door did not open itself.

The door, in fact, did not open at

What happened?

Anna's Dialogue

"You made it. Happy birthday!"

"Why are you covering your

"... Oh."

"Of course I recognize you."

"Those eyes. That nose. That's
still you."

"Go ahead and have a slice!"

"Oh, don't worry about those."

"I sure hope you've realized by

"It doesn't matter how long
you've been gone. It doesn't
matter how much you've

"You aren't lost. Stop wandering
and come home."

Anna and Care's Dialogue

"Care! Are you okay?"

"You ran straight into the door!
Did you think it was open? ... Aw,
poor baby."

"Where is the disk? Where are
the discovery pages?"

"What are you talking about?
What disk? Discovery pages?"

"... Jill, stop fucking ignoring me.
Get in here and show me where
that disk is."


"No, Care, this is Mommy. This is
your mommy. Sweetie, I'm right
here in front of you. There's no
one else here."

"What are you looking at?
What's over there?"

"... Care, can't you hear me?
Can't you see me waving? Snap
out of it. Care! Where are you

Petscop 17

Retrace Your Steps, Pt. 1

Hi there.

Wake up. You're free!

There you go.
Thank you.

I want you to retrace your steps.

The family, as usual, wants to learn what happened to you between November 10th and 12th of 1997.

On November 10th of 1997, you ran away from your daddy's school building, and on the 12th, you arrived at your house.

The question is: where were you on November 11th?
And what were you doing there?

I hope to guide you to that location, with a spell, which I will begin now:

You are a girl named Carrie
Mark, and you were born on November 12, 1992.

You have a mommy named Anna, a daddy named Marvin, an auntie named Jill, an uncle named Thomas, a cousin named Daniel, ......

I know what you must be thinking.
Have these statements always been true? Or have I cursed you?

Is there such a thing? A curse that changes your past?

Stop thinking.

You were kidnapped, and spent 5 months studying in an abandoned elementary school.

You ran away, crying, ashamed, covering your face.

You were blind. At some point, your movements stopped making sense.

Bumping into walls and doors. Dodging invisible obstacles.

Find the moment.

When were you led astray on the road?

Retrace Your Steps, Pt. 2

A girl went missing around here.

Story goes, your daddy used to
sit on a bench with a birthday cake, trying to lure her home.

Instead of "missing girl" signs,
he put up "birthday girl" signs, promising cake to the birthday

NOTE: The last word in the previous text box was interpolated, as the burn-in meter was covering it.

Of course, the birthday girl
never came home, to his disappointment.

When I learned about this
absurd story, I spent a lot of
time digging.

Eventually, I found out what
really happened to that girl.

Want to know? Ask.

Petscop 19

One of the eggs...

What? One of the eggs... was in
Daniel's game??

What an unfair trick!

Have you found every egg in the

Petscop 20

July 10th, 1997

Hi Marvin. Rainer here.

You have to be careful this time.

If you start running out there
without a sense of purpose, you'll
get lost.

I'm writing this on July 10th,
1997, and Care is still missing.

We are searching. Last weekend,
we almost got lost ourselves.

Your search is harder. Beyond
here, there are no landmarks.

But this model of a brick building,
though crude, should still be
familiar to you.

Where is this building?

From here, I want you to find a

You know the grave I'm talking
about. It's definitely out here

It's unmarked, of course. That's
the trouble. You're the only
person who can find it.

I increased your speed, so you
can search faster.

Petscop 22

Hey, do you want to play a game?

Hi there. Sorry for pulling you out of

I know you've been busy catching up.

Don't worry, I just want to talk with you.

Hey, do you want to play a game?
You can pick any game you want, and
we can play it together.

Graverobber Dialogue

Graverobber is kind of like

Oh, you already know Graverobber?
That's good. I don't like explaining

I called you several times and you
didn't come. Do I have the wrong
name here?

Hmm. I notice you named your file
"Strange situation". Is that your
name? Please confirm.

Paul. Okay.

Your turn, Paul.

Are you right handed, or left

You don't know? Really? Well, which
hand do you write with?

That one? That's your left hand.
That means you're left handed.

I'm right handed. I use this hand.

My right is actually your left. Isn't
that confusing?

Anyway, your turn.

Moving five times in a row was a
mistake. Now I can't retrace all my

You should dig often. It helps you win.

Kids shouldn't say swear words. Do
you know why?

It just doesn't sound right. It's

You should choose cleaner words, even
when you're really angry.

Your turn.

That's a very big boo-boo on your

We're going to help you, together.
Everyone is.

When you reach for your shoes, your
shoes will be there.

When you walk through a doorway,
the door will be open.

Wherever you go, the floor will
continue under your feet.

Every move you make, will be made

Everything you see will become real.

Everything you say will become the

Your turn.

After playing Graverobber

You want to quit? Why?

Oh. I don't blame you.

Grave robbery is vile. This is an awful
game, huh? We can play something else
if you want.

It's okay. You can go.

I hope you can find your real house.

Petscop 23

Keep in mind...

You'll find the machine up ahead.

This is the only entry or exit.
You will pass through this room
again as you leave.

Keep in mind: everything here,
your baby will see.