Other Things and Game Aspects

A/B/NLM Note

A/B/NLM Note from Petscop 2

A note which is tacked on a bulletin board in the Office. It depicts three forms of the character Care, who is seen a few times in the series.

Burn-in Monitor

GiRL loading screen and in-game appearance

In Petscop 16, the game displays a rather urgent message when no controller input is detected for a very long time. It periodically shows this screen which depicts a "ghost room" / "testing room", a red 'blip' and a gauge. The blip moves around near the end of Petscop 16, seemingly functioning as a local tracking device.


Tool's Camera before and after Marvin's cutscene

This camera near the Windmill is directly above where Tool is under the Newmaker Plane.

It is initially set to aim at the Windmill (or at first, its base), but Marvin turns it around in order to play an odd cutscene in Petscop 6, causing it to turn red and lower in height.

In Petscop 20, it's revealed that Marvin has access to the camera's controls. There doesn't seem to be a hard limit as to how high or low the camera can go.

Censored Objects

Three censored objects in Petscop

Certain objects in the Petscop video series are edited out in a likely attempt to keep "their content private".

These objects include:

Petscop 20 reveals that 4 of these items are likely Caskets.


About Caskets

When these are done, they will be

Anybody who sees them is sure to
become part of the family.

Petscop 20 contains a showcase of four Caskets, during one of Marvin's auto-saved demos. They are located in a now-inaccessible part of the Road Map.

These four Caskets may very well be the censored objects seen through the series. They all incorporate the color red in some way.

Casket 1

Casket 1 Details

This one is called "Casket 1".

You showed Care her red, blurry
reflection in a vase.

You said, "Do you see that?
Look at how ugly you are now."

The reflection wasn't clear at
all, but as you began to describe
her grisly deformities, she began
to "see" them.

"Nobody wants to see you like
you said.

But she soon escaped, and
bravely returned home.

In her bathroom mirror, she saw
a clear picture.

A red vase with a yellow flower sticking out. Care's blurry reflection can be seen on it.

Casket 2

Casket 2 Details

As I painted, I watched Care
dance around the house.

She liked to spin. She became a

But in that blur, somehow, as she
spun around...

From 45 degrees, to 90, to
180, to 360, to 720, 1080,
1440, 1800, 2160, winding,
tightening, tightening

I was stunned by pure horror
and disgust.

A large, red tetrahedron with Care's head superimposed onto it.

Casket 3

Casket 3 Details

This one is called "Casket 3".

After kicking you out of the
house, your wife started painting
the walls black, to cover the

I helped. She made it feel

That Saturday, busy with work,
she pinned a note.

It contained a list of objects.

A black-on-red stencil of cupped hands, very similar in appearance to Care NLM's hands.

Casket 4

Casket 4 Details

This one is called "Casket 4".

Five words, written on a
chalkboard, in the dirty building
that you inhabit.

A miniature chalkboard with five words written on in red chalk. The words aren't legible, but they are the same ones briefly seen in Tool's Room, written on a piece of paper taped to the wall.

Combination Lock

The School's mysterious combination lock

This is a 40-tick combination lock that as of yet, only appears in the school during a Petscop 11 demo. Evidently, whoever is playing in this demo needed to disengage this lock in order to get something of interest.

Click here for the exact combination.


Petscop Demo sequences

At seemingly arbitrary points in the Petscop series, the videos show in-game demos, which function as a kind of "attract mode" like in DOOM and Quake. Playstation titles usually had a "demo mode" to show snippets of gameplay if the player had not pressed Start at the title screen.

In Petscop 14, it is revealed that the Demo recordings depict alternate variations of certain levels, and a previous player's gamepad inputs persist in the recording data when played back later.

For instance, Paul tries to access a room in the House by walking into a closed door. At the same time, a demo is being recorded. In this demo, the door is actually open. He goes through this door and enters this room, but on his end, it looks like he's butting against the door.

The January 2019 YouTube channel description says that the demo recordings have an ability to "raise the dead" in some manner. Whether or not this is a figure of speech is unclear.

Demo Player

In Petscop 17, a direct method of accessing Demo recordings is revealed through the game's Sound Test. Some demo recordings are stored on the PlayStation's memory card, while most of the others are stored on the game disc itself.

Face System

The Child Library's Face System with Mike's face painted

An easel which can be painted on in order to access a specific child's room within the Child Library.

There are exactly 288,000 possible combinations based on all the face components available to the easel, and it would take about 5 and a half years to view all of them in sequence (minus the time it takes to input each face).

Framed CD Pictures

Framed CD Pictures

After Paul finds a very unorthodox way to access the Parent's Room in Petscop 14, he unknowingly activates an array of 15 framed pictures of an optical disk.

When a picture is selected, a "suspense" sound effect plays and a simple 3D model of the picture frame zooms into view. These pictures can be rotated left or right. A picture in the middle of the array makes a higher-pitched sound than the others, and also glows blue when it's selected.

Later on in the same episode, after Paul retrieves the key to the house's Garage, he is able to directly observe what he was doing with the pictures earlier. This time, all the pictures are completely black.

The exact purpose of these pictures, as well as their in-game function remain unknown.


GiRL loading screen and in-game appearance

This 3D-rendered image of a girl wearing a green hat appears in the School's second floor. When the player approaches it in Petscop 15, refrigerator magnet-looking letters float around which spell out the word "GiRL" while a short, looping jingle plays. The image seems to be a component of a puzzle within The School.

Needles Piano

The Needles Piano

The Needles Piano is a musical instrument that is played in Petscop, represented by a spinning, purple-striped tetrahedron.

In Petscop 11, Marvin instructs Paul to play the Needles in the School's first classroom to make a "baby" become "melody". This room's loading screen depicts what appears to be a modified piano with a PlayStation gamepad mounted within a ring.

Additionally, in Petscop 12, a voice that talks to Belle says that it played "the second movement of Stravinsky's Septet ( on the Needles" Incidentally, a portion of this song is played during Petscop 7, in Quitter's Room.

The Note

A note that came with Petscop which reads as follows:


For you:
Please go to my website on the sticker and also go to roneth's 
room and press start and press down down down down down right 

Further information: Shadow Monster Man

Original YouTube Description

"Rainer" gave this gift to us on Christmas 1997 and 2000. It was the single longest day of our lives. We were all certain he was dead at the time. He had been missing since June 1997 and 2000.

We're not as concerned about these things now.

Please enjoy the recordings! We do. :)


Assorted PiecesNaul collecting Pieces in EC-5

Pieces are small, collectible shapes that act as the player's score. 1000 of these pieces are required to access a "machine beyond school basement stairway" in the School's basement.

Room Impulse

Room Impulse scene

A hidden game mechanic that was revealed in Petscop 17. While it's active, one can watch several demo recordings at the same time, using the "Burn-in Monitor" gauge to track an individual session. The word 'impulse' implies that one can use this mode to influence some aspect of these recordings.