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Greetings to...

Tony (@pressedyes)
The creator of Petscop!

Petscop YouTube Channel (
This is the Petscop channel that started it all. Accept no substitutes when looking for the actual videos!
Also check out the official Petscop Soundtrack on Bandcamp!

For hosting this site! Without them, Petscop-Forensics would still be a massive Markdown document with nowhere to go!
This website is powered by Neocities!

The Petscop Comprehensive Progress Document
A large, robustly-detailed catalogue of Petscop findings!

The Petscop Wiki
A fanmade wiki for all things Petscop!

James9270 and his Petscop recreation, Giftscop
Visit the Giftscop website, and join the official Giftscop Discord!

ugng from P3D and Giftscop Discord
For supplying high-quality character sprites and labels!

Petscop Fan Portal
for featuring this website! Also check out their mockup of the "Petscop Discovery Pages"!

For being my first follower on Neocities! Visit their website by clicking on the button below.
Visit beetletee's Neocities page

Finally, thanks to everyone who viewed and/or followed this website!