Puzzles in Petscop


Let's hope we've finally made some progress.

"Let's hope we've finally made some progress."

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Certain puzzles need to be solved in order to access some areas in and under the Newmaker Plane. When these puzzles are revealed, a symbol block appears somewhere that indicates a connection between Even Care and the Newmaker Plane.

Please note that the "P" codes are for reference purposes only; they don't appear in the web series and are only relevant to this website.


P-1 Symbol Block

Puzzle is currently unknown.


P-2 Symbol Block

Puzzle is currently unknown.


P-3 Symbol Block

Connects Amber's Room to Quitter's Room

The exact solution to P-3 is unclear, but it involves manipulating the levers in Amber's Room after the Newmaker Plane is accessed and P-8 is solved. The levers influence access between the obverse and reverse sides of Quitter's Room in some way.

P-3 may use the same trick the player uses to catch Amber in her room, but in a more convoluted way.


P-4 Symbol Block

Connects Roneth's Room to Newmaker Plane Area 3

The solution is to push the bucket in each area underneath an object/Pet to be caught. The Blue Tool on the road becomes coated in black paint when P-4 is solved on the road. This enables the player to remove the pieces from the strange devices in the House.

Roneth is caught in much the same way, by pushing in the bucket from Randice and Wavey's room, and positioning it beneath him.


P-5 Symbol Block

Connects Pen's Room to Flower Shack Basement

Solving P-5 results in being able to catch Pen in her room and Care NLM under the Flower Shack. To catch Pen, the player must set the piano's counter to '7' using a treadmill. This removes Pen's positional offset when the player tries to catch her.

After entering the Newmaker Plane and solving P-8, the treadmill now influences a grassy platform under the Flower Shack. Care NLM sits on top of it and can't be captured yet. Back in Even Care, the counter's values have been extended to '-1' to '16', with 18 possible values. If the counter is set to '0', the platform lowers, but Care becomes glitchy and un-capturable.

The large flower only has 17 possible states, and can only subtract the counter's value.

P-5 under the Flower Shack is solved by setting the counter to '-1', lowering the platform and leaving Care NLM in a capturable state.


P-6 Symbol Block

Connects Small Room to Tool's Room

In Petscop 20, a P-6 symbol block appears when the camera is lowered under the Newmaker Plane. The solution, game mechanic-wise, is currently unknown.


P-7 Symbol Block

Connects Randice and Wavey's Room to Frozen House - Bathroom

P-7's exact effect is currently unknown, but it has something to do with Randice and Wavey's Room and the House having a similar layout, as Paul notices in Petscop 13.

Additionally, entering the House's garage causes a loading screen to appear which depicts the long dirt structure underneath one of the grassy patches in Randice and Wavey's room.


P-8 Symbol Block

Connects Transition Room to Newmaker Plane Area 3

P-8 provides a bridge between Even Care and the Newmaker Plane. The solution is to activate a hidden gift box in the Party Room, which places the player back in the Newmaker Plane. A brick structure, similar to the one at the end of Petscop 1, leads into the Transition room, which is the room behind the "locked" door in Even Care's entrance.

Solving P-8 is a prerequisite for solving P-3 and P-5. Using P-8 to the player's advantage has the unfortunate side effect of causing the game to corrupt save data and misbehave.