What is Petscop?

Petscop as a PlayStation Game

Petscop title screen and Garalina logo

Petscop is a fictional unfinished 1997 adventure game for the Sony PlayStation (PS1/PSX) home video game console, developed by the now-defunct Garalina. Verifiable information surrounding Garalina is scarce at the moment.

The main objective of Petscop is to collect all 48 Pets from each building in The Gift Plane. Due to Garalina's failure to complete the game's development, only one main area in The Gift Plane can be accessed, as well as only six Pets.

At first, the game looks very colorful and cutesy, but that aesthetic takes a complete turn once the player enters a cheat code in one of the Pets' rooms, uncovering a darker, larger portion of this seemingly unfinished game.

A following on Reddit and YouTube surfaced in response to the creepypasta-style aspects of Petscop, trying to understand what's really going on in each video.

Petscop as a YouTube channel

The Petscop YouTube channel was started on March 11, 2017. It was created by a young man named Paul in order to show Petscop to his friend. The videos are presented in a "Let's Play" style currently popular on YouTube.

Paul transferred ownership of his YouTube channel to a mysterious group of people who waited for him to return after a hiatus in 2017. They encourage Paul to play the game and produce more in-game recordings to turn into public YouTube videos.

The lines of direct communication between the channel owner(s) and the Internet remain largely closed.