IceMaster's Thoughts on Petscop




This page contains speculation and unconfirmed claims.
Please watch the series before reading on!

What do I think of Petscop?

Petscop is one of the few catalysts that encouraged me to make a YouTube account, this website, to break out of my comfort zone and to talk to people on the Internet again.

The series breathes new life into the old, tired "haunted video game" creepypastas, mostly in the fact that it's conveyed through a YouTube web series - not just written descriptions or blurry, static photographs. Petscop as a game seems very real, and it would be a surprise for me to find out otherwise.

It was obviously made with great talent, meticulously constructed mid-90s video game aesthetics, and a mysterious, yet gripping storyline.

Suffice it to say, Petscop is one of the best things I've seen on the Internet, and I would still be a lurker today if it hadn't been made.

What do I think is happening in Petscop?

I've thought about this question for a long time, but I was hesitant to post flat-out speculation.

In January 2019, I wrote a small text document that summed up my thoughts at the time:

Petscop-Forensics: Current thoughts
IceMaster. Jan 31 '19

TL;DR: It could be that rebirth = revive. We don't know.

Removing all the other stuff (Pets, Windmill, Care's kidnapping, "the emergency", etc.) and keeping the theme of "rebirth", combined with the new information that demo recordings "raise the dead" in some way, here are two major ways I think Petscop might go from here:

1.  Mad science experiment wherein a 1:1 copy of a deceased person's conciousness is written to an in-game demo recording in Petscop (Digital Immortality / Mind Uploading)

2.  Occult/Esoteric necromancing ritual that somehow incorporates Playstation hardware and in-game demo recordings of Petscop (Game is Haunted)
These two thoughts assume that "rebirth" refers to the process of recording the conciousness of a deceased person to a Petscop demo recording.

If either of these are remotely the case, that may provide some insight as to why the new channel owners urge Paul to record demos of Petscop; "They" might want to bring back their dead loved ones in some way.

... Unfortunately, that won't clear up much in the way of why "Pets" are needed, pieces are collected, why (and how) Marvin made the Windmill disappear, how Care is wrapped up in all of this (and why she was kidnapped), what "the emergency" was, who Michael Hammond was (and how he died), how Paul is involved (and what he knows that we don't) or how exactly they've managed to rig a Playtation console and game to raise the dead.

With all that being said, this is only my opinion. Petscop's story remains open-ended, as the series is done.