Petscop Watch

Things to look out for



  • Petscop Soundtrack was uploaded today, around midnight


  • Became aware of the creator of Petscop, Tony!
  • Smile emoticon in the YouTube channel description changed:
    ; )


  • Another round of uploads!!
  • Petscop 22 was uploaded today
  • Petscop 23 was uploaded today
  • Petscop 24 was uploaded today
  • Last line in the YouTube channel description changed:
    Thanks for watching. : )


  • Petscop 17 was uploaded today
  • Petscop 18 was uploaded today
  • Petscop 19 was uploaded today...
  • Petscop 20 was uploaded today... Holy crap, guys!
  • Petscop 21 was uploaded today. I'm floored.


  • Petscop YouTube channel icon was changed into an in-game Easter egg (Funny Ha Ha)
  • Easter Egg Channel Icon


  • Petscop YouTube channel description updated again, only the last line was changed this time:
  • We finished our long Easter egg hunt.

  • The original Petscop video's description was updated with the text of "the note", as YouTube has officially deprecated video annotations.


  • Petscop YouTube channel description changed again:
  • Some select "Petscop" recordings.

    In a way, recordings have the power to raise the dead. They're kind of scary.

    Currently hunting for hidden content.


  • Petscop 16 uploaded today at approx. 6:00
  • (For yesterday), YouTube channel icon was changed to a dark image of the Frozen House's garage, description was changed to "Recordings of a video game."


  • Petscop 15 uploaded today at approx. 12:50


  • Petscop 14 uploaded today at 18:41


  • The following string was appended to the Petscop YouTube channel's 'About' section:
  • "Update for 6/27: Paul is OK. His work is bearing fruit, and there will be a public compilation video of his "Attempts". He appreciates that people care about him so much."


  • April Fools Joke: the ' :) ' emoticon on Petscop YouTube channel's 'About' section was changed to ' :( ' for thirty minutes.


  • Petscop 13 was uploaded today


  • Petscop 12 was uploaded today


  • Petscop 11 was uploaded today
  • Paul returns, and the YouTube channel description changes:
  • Everything we wish to say is below:

    The purpose of this YouTube channel is to preserve and display the recordings within the video game "Petscop" while keeping some of their content private.

    They were first given to us as a Christmas gift, many years ago. The game had an interesting journey, before and after that day.

    Paul created some additional recordings in 2017 as a way to show Petscop gameplay to his friend. He created this account in order to upload those additional recordings in video format. He later passed ownership of the channel to us, but continued to record himself at our strong suggestion. Though he had issues with the arrangement, these have finally been settled.

    Please enjoy the recordings in Petscop! We do. :)


  • Petscop 10 was uploaded today
  • Paul stops uploading on a regular basis, "they" begin their long wait for Paul to return:
  • "Rainer" gave this gift to us on Christmas 1997 and 2000. It was the single longest day of our lives. We were all certain he was dead at the time. He had been missing since June 1997 and 2000.

    We're not as concerned about these things now.

    For now, there is nothing to do. We are waiting patiently for Paul! When the time comes, we will turn on the light.


  • Petscop 9 was uploaded today


  • Petscop 8 was uploaded today


  • Petscop 7 was uploaded today


  • Petscop 6 was uploaded today


  • Petscop 5 was uploaded today


  • Petscop 4 was uploaded today


  • Petscop 3 was uploaded today


  • Petscop 2 was uploaded today



  • Petscop was uploaded to YouTube today


  • Petscop YouTube channel was created