Petscop-Forensics Title

Petscop Watch!

Things to look out for



  • Petscop was uploaded to YouTube


  • April Fools Joke: the ' :) ' emoticon on Petscop YouTube channel's 'About' section was changed to ' :( ' for thirty minutes.


  • Still no Petscop 14 :(
  • The following string was appended to the Petscop YouTube channel's 'About' section:
  • "Update for 6/27: Paul is OK. His work is bearing fruit, and there will be a public compilation video of his "Attempts". He appreciates that people care about him so much."


  • Petscop 14 uploaded today at 18:41
  • No information yet... Stay tuned!


  • Petscop 15 uploaded today at approx. 12:50
  • No information yet... Stay tuned!


  • Happy Halloween!
  • Petscop 16 uploaded today at approx. 6:00
  • (For yesterday), YouTube channel icon was changed to a dark image of the Frozen House's garage, description was changed to "Recordings of a video game."


  • Petscop YouTube channel description changed again:
  • Some select "Petscop" recordings.

    In a way, recordings have the power to raise the dead. They're kind of scary.

    Currently hunting for hidden content.