Even Care

The Gift Plane

Naul at the Gift Plane entrance

The Gift Plane seems to be an adoption center, or pet store complex. It is unknown why the Gift Plane closed forever, or why they were unable to remove all the "Pets" from their homes. Pillars which resemble gift boxes are seen outside of Even Care, and even under the Newmaker Plane, and gifts seem to be a common motif throughout the game and web series.

Naul about to enter Even Care

Even Care is the brightly-colored, flowery first and only intended "level" in Petscop, located in the Gift Plane overworld.

6 Pets are to be caught in Even Care: Amber, Randice, Pen, Toneth, Roneth and Wavey. Toneth has not been seen in Even Care, and thus isn't meant to be caught.

Places in Even Care

EC-0 "The Gift Plane":

Internal name: gift-plane

Left: Naul outside of Even Care - Right: 'The game is apparently unfinished because there's nothing over here.'

Pieces collected: 0 (Game just began)

EC-1 "Even Care":

Internal name: level1-room1(?)

EC-1: Even Care Entrance P-1 Symbol Block

Pieces collected: 7, totalling 7

EC-2 "Sign Hallway":

Internal name: level1-room2(?)

EC-2: Sign Hallway P-2 Symbol Block

Pieces collected: 6, totalling 13

  • The leftmost door closes in Petscop 10 after the configuration in EC-3 is set and the game registers it (or crashes).

EC-3 "Amber's Room":

EC-3: Amber's Room P-3 Symbol Block

Pieces collected: 18, totalling 31 (Petscop 1)

On 2nd run: 15, totalling 332 (Petscop 9)

  • It's implied that Amber is volatile and must be kept in a cage for some reason, as she is rewarded for not escaping it.
  • The switches affect access into U-12 "Quitter's Room".

EC-4 "Roneth's Room":

EC-4: Roneth's Room P-4 Symbol Block

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 31

  • The game scans for Newmaker Plane access cheatcode in this room.
  • Area behind Roneth is unexplored, don't know if another room is there.

EC-5 "Pen's Room":

EC-5: Pen's Room P-5 Symbol Block

Pieces collected: 12, totalling 43 (Petscop 1)

On 2nd run: 12, totalling 344 (Petscop 9)

  • The numerical counter in this room affects the Flower Shack, as well as access to Care NLM.
  • Other than the Newmaker Plane connection, the counter affects the floor piano's tuning, octave-by-octave.
  • The "I don't know what she's doing here" comment later on is a reference to how Pen is deaf, and yet in a room with a floor piano.

EC-6 "Small Room":

EC-6: Small Room P-6 Symbol Block

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 43

  • This is the only other room than EC-1 with a hanged, framed picture.
  • This room is almost entirely pointless, except for the fact that the scrolling symbols suggest a connection to P-6.
  • Connects EC-5 to EC-7.

EC-7 "Randice and Wavey's Room":

EC-2: Randice and Wavey's Room P-7 Symbol Block

Pieces collected: 12, totalling 55

  • The rightmost patch of grass has soil that stretches far deeper than the left one. This is shown from a different angle near the end of Petscop 14.
  • This room is linked to the House, which also has a moveable bucket. The connection was confirmed in Petscop 13.
  • An umbrella is in the room for some reason.

EC-8 "Transition Room":

EC-8: Transition Room P-8 Symbol Block

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 317 (in Petscop 9)

  • Room appears to be a median point between the Newmaker Plane and Even Care.
  • Entering the room from the Newmaker Plane causes a 'fade to black' transition, then it fades in to white, the funky "Loading" screen appears and the room fades in from white.
  • Also, going through the door to EC-1, the transition is still 'to black' until the room is loaded, then uses a 'from white' transition, suggesting that EC-8 is still technically a part of the Newmaker Plane.
  • The wall and floor textures are very simplistic and dulled, and they don't have the psuedo-3D "block" floor or details on the walls.
  • Once Naul enters this room, the "locked" door in EC-1 becomes unlocked.
  • As a consequence of the above, the doors to EC-0, EC-4 and EC-6 all become permanently closed for unknown reasons.

Sort Test Area

Internal name: sort-test

Sort Test Area
  • This area is technically not a part of Even Care, and only appears in a Gen. 1 Recording called "sort-test". It's listed here because the level fits Even Care's visual style.
  • A white void with Even Care-themed tiles arranged in different ways, likely used to test the game's graphical capabilities very early in Petscop's development.
A total of 55 Pieces were collected in Even Care during Petscop 1.