The Newmaker Plane

Naul wandering the Newmaker Plane

After Paul enters the cheat code in Roneth's room, he gains access to a massive, dark, grassy field called the Newmaker Plane. This portion of Petscop was supposedly made for Marvin to see, and it contains a great deal of otherwise hidden game content.


PLEASE READ: Although the choice of the name "Newmaker" was intentional, there is no deeper connection between the events displayed below and Petscop. There is nothing to find outside the series.

The Newmaker Plane is named after a real-life murder victim.

Candace Elizabeth Newmaker ( was a 10-year-old girl who was murdered by her therapist and her assistant, attempting to perform a re-enactment of the birth experience by wrapping Candace in blankets, and preventing her from escaping by sitting on her.

This fringe "rebirth" therapy was intended to treat Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) (, which is generally a result of neglect, abuse and/or a failure to establish a nurturing parental bond within a child's first five years of life. She suffocated to death as a result of this "treatment" on April 18, 2000.

Besides that, the Newmaker as brought up in Petscop is in reference to the player. At certain points in the series, "rebirth" is passingly mentioned.

Places in and Under the Newmaker Plane

NOTE: Some images from Under the Newmaker Plane are edited using multiple connected video frames to make it easier to see, as it is very dark.

NM-1 "Newmaker Plane Area 1":

NM-1: Newmaker Plane Area 1

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 55 (in Petscop 1)

U-1 "Furnace Room":

Internal name: cellar

U-1: Furnace Room

Pieces collected: 8, totalling 16 (in Petscop 2)

U-2 "Office Hallway":

Internal name: hallway1 (?)

U-2: Office Hallway

Pieces collected: 27, totalling 90 (Petscop 2)

U-3 "Office":

Internal name: anna-office

U-3: Office

Pieces collected: 3, totalling 93 (Petscop 2)

U-4 "Road Map":

Internal name: hallway2

U-4: Art Gallery

Pieces collected: 44, totalling 137 (Petscop 2)

U-5 "Road":

U-5: Road

Pieces collected: 36, totalling 173 (Petscop 2)

U-6 "Graveyard":

Internal name: grave

U-6: Graveyard

Pieces collected: 15, totalling 188 (Petscop 2)

U-7a "Flower Shack":

U-7a: Flower Shack

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 188 (Petscop 2)

U-7b "Flower Shack Basement":

U-7b: Flower Shack Basement

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 188 (Petscop 2)

U-8 "Graveyard Back Way":

U-8: Graveyard Back Way

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 188 (Petscop 2)

U-9 "Outside Tool's Room":

U-9: Outside Tool's Room

Pieces collected: 6, totalling 194 (Petscop 2)

U-10 "Tool's Room":

U-10: Tool's Room

Pieces collected: 10, totalling 204 (Petscop 2)

U-11 "Quitter's Room Entryway":

U-11: Quitter's Room Entryway Quitter's Room Hallway

Pieces collected: 8, totalling 212 (Petscop 2)

U-12 "Quitter's Room":

U-12: Quitter's Room

Pieces collected: 0 on both sides, totalling 212 (Petscop 2)

U-13 "Storm Door":

U-13: Storm Door

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 212 (Petscop 2)

NM-2 "Newmaker Plane Area 2":

NM-2: Newmaker Plane Area 2

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 212 (Petscop 2)

U-14 "Child Library Exterior":

U-14: Child Library Exterior

Pieces collected: 19, totalling 231 (Petscop 3)

U-15 "Child Library":

U-15: Child Library

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 231 (Petscop 3)

U-16 "Kid's Room":

U-16: Kid's Room

Pieces collected: 0 in any of the rooms, totalling 231 (Petscop 3)

NM-3 "Windmill Interior":

NM-3: Windmill Interior

Pieces collected: 50, totalling 281 (Petscop 9)

U-17 "Party Room":

U-17: Party Room

Pieces collected: 36, totalling 317 (Petscop 9)

NM-4 "Newmaker Plane Area 3":

NM-4: Newmaker Plane Area 3

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 317 (Petscop 11)

NM-5 "Frozen House":

Internal name: house

NM-5: Frozen House

Pieces collected: 16, totalling 365 (Petscop 11)

NM-5a "Frozen House - Bathroom":

Internal name: house-bath

NM-5a: Frozen House - Bathroom

Pieces collected: 3 in both timelines, totalling 368 (Petscop 11)

NM-5b "Frozen House - Care's Room":

NM-5b: Frozen House - Care's Room

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 368 (Petscop 11)

NM-5c "Frozen House - Parent's Room":

NM-5c: Frozen House - Parent's Room

Pieces collected: 11, totalling 394 (Petscop 14, across 22 attempts)

NM-5d "Frozen House - Garage":

Internal name: house-gara

NM-5d: Frozen House - Garage

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 394 (Petscop 14)

NM-6 "The School - First Floor":

NM-6: The School - First Floor

Pieces collected: 31, totalling 425 (Petscop 11)

NM-6a "The School - Classroom":

NM-6a: The School - Classroom

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 425 (Petscop 11, demo sequence)

NM-6b "The School - Second Floor":

NM-6b: The School - First Floor

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 454 (Petscop 15, demo sequence)

NM-6c "The School - Classroom 2":

NM-6c: The School - Classroom 2

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 454 (Petscop 15, demo sequence)

NM-6d "The School - Garalina Headquarters":

NM-6d: The School - Garalina Headquarters

Pieces collected: 26, totalling 500 (Petscop 23)

NM-6e "The School - Classroom 3":

NM-6e: The School - Classroom 3

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 500 (Petscop 23)

NM-6f "The School - Basement Stairway":

NM-6f: The School - Basement Stairway

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 500 (Petscop 23)

NM-6g "The School - Basement Burial Room":

NM-6g: The School - Basement Burial Room

Pieces collected: 0, totalling 500 (Petscop 23)

NM-6h "The School - Basement Machine Room":

NM-6h: The School - Basement Machine Room

Pieces collected: -500, totalling 0 (Petscop 23)