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I strongly suggest that visitors watch the Petscop series on YouTube ( before continuing!

Hello! I'm IceMaster. Petscop-Forensics aims to be an unofficial information resource for a YouTube web series called Petscop.

When Petscop was first revealed to Reddit, the game's mysterious aspects prompted viewers to try and understand what's happening throughout the series. Many Petscop "theories" exist, some more convincing than others, though still in the realm of speculation.

I created Petscop-Forensics to help us all understand what's going on in Petscop, without having to sift through speculation and troll posts. All of the information I've gathered on Petscop was from watching each video the official YouTube channel, wanting to keep my thoughts as 'pure' as possible.

Over two years on, and I still don't know what's really going on in Petscop - nobody does except for the creator(s) of the series, perhaps.

Aside from all that, Petscop is amazing; a masterfully crafted parade of late 90's video game horror and nostalgia. I commend the creator(s) for their hard work on this mysterious, yet gripping series.

I'll periodically update this site with information on game mechanics, story elements and other odds and ends as they come up.

Thanks for reading, Wanderers! Enjoy the site! I do :)


Petscop is a work of fiction. There isn't anything to "find" outside of the web series until an Alternate Reality Game for us to play is defined by the series' creator(s), or if Petscop turns out to be a real game up for public download.

With that in mind, please don't bother anyone who you think may be involved with Petscop, and don't use anything on this website (or any website) as a means of harassing them for insider information. Thank you for using common sense.

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These are my identifiers for the locations in Petscop:

Please note that these codes are for reference purposes only; they don't appear in the web series and are only relevant to this website.

Entries that are marked like this have been voided for one reason or another.

Rooms are numbered based on chronological order of appearence.