Welcome to Petscop-Forensics!

I strongly suggest that visitors watch the Petscop series on YouTube ( before continuing!

Hello! I'm IceMaster. This is my one-man project, Petscop-Forensics. It's an in-depth collection of all the things I noticed while watching the Petscop video series.

I'm aware that Petscop has an active YouTube and Reddit following, however, I tried to stay away from 3rd-party sources of information/speculation on this series in order to stay as "pure" as possible in my thoughts.

The majority of the stuff here was pieced together on my own, or through the official YouTube channel, though I have to give some credit to the Reddit-related Petscop Comprehensive Progress Document editors for the more hard-to-figure-out stuff.

I'm not the All-Knowing Vortigaunt, and I don't claim to "know" much of anything for sure in this series. As with any claims, take all of this with a grain of salt.

Also, no, I'm not affiliated nor involved with development of the Petscop series. I'm not Paul in disguise, nor am I an ex-Garalina employee (assuming they were ever real, probably not). I'm just some nutball with way too much time on his hands.

To the people who made the Petscop series: You are amazing, and if I had the money to do so, I'd buy 1,000 beers for all of you. Each. You guys absolutely nailed the Playstation aesthetic, both aurally and visually, and if this is an actual game - hell, I'd buy it. Fire up the old Playstation. Even if it's just clever video editing, the attention to detail is just stunning.

To everyone else, feel free to copy any information here, and make good use of it. If you need to contact me about anything related to this website, use the email address at the bottom of this page. I don't use social media, but I do have a YouTube channel, also at the bottom.

No, I won't join your group. No, I won't do any of your bidding. I will update this website on my own time, and as new information arises.

Enjoy the show! I'm going back to my bunker for now.


Petscop is a work of fiction. There isn't anything to "find" outside of the web series. With that in mind, please don't bother anyone who you think may be involved with Petscop, and don't use this website (or any website) as a means of pestering them. Thank you.

To-Do List


These are my identifiers for the locations in Petscop:

Please note that these codes are for reference purposes only; they don't appear in the web series and are only relevant to this website.

Entries that are marked like this have been voided for one reason or another.

Rooms are numbered based on chronological order of appearence.